Buckhead Midstream’s vision is to provide the most cost effective and operationally sound solutions for your liquid hydrocarbons. We take a lean and creative approach to our services that allow us to deliver value-added performance to our customers.


Buckhead Midstream’s business strategy is to provide not only competitive pricing to our customers but also offer the best streamlined process to help achieve higher performance in the field. We aim to increase your company’s netback and handle your logistical needs with minimal distraction from your operation.

Buckhead Midstream Team

Managing Members

Martin Tilson

Mr. Tilson formed what is now Buckhead Midstream in 2015. He leads the company’s operations across all regions. Prior to Buckhead Midstream, he served three years in multiple marketing and operational management roles with an international drilling company and prior to that began his career as a Field Geologist. Mr. Tilson graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resource Management from The University of the South.

Steve McNear

Mr. NcNear joined Buckhead Midstream in 2018 as an equity partner. He currently manages market position and overseas all company trading efforts across United States and Mexico. Prior to joining Buckhead Midstream, Mr. McNear served as Executive Vice President of Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. and President of Supply and Trading for 15 years. Prior to that, he spent 13 years at Aectra Refining and Marketing where he developed the supply and trading operations. Mr. McNear also owns and manages L. Energy International, an international refined products trading firm with a focus on Mexico supply. Mr. McNear graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology from the University of Colorado.

Crude Marketing

Garrett Gunter

Mr. Gunter joined Buckhead Midstream in 2017 as Scheduler and was quickly promoted to Operations Manager. He currently manages crude oil buying across multiple basins as our lead Crude Buyer. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University. Garrett currently lives in Midland, TX and manages Buckhead’s West Texas offices.

Finance, Settlements and Accounting

Evan Fichter, CPA

Mr. Fichter joined Buckhead Midstream in 2018 as Controller and Settlements Analyst. He currently handles invoicing and inventory management. Prior to Buckhead Midstream, Mr. Fichter began his career at KPMG, while at KPMG he worked with many large and small oil and gas clients with a focus in tax consulting. Evan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia.

Scheduling and Operations

Will Bredthauer

Mr. Bredthauer joined Buckhead Midstream in 2018. He currently handles scheduling and logistics as well as terminal operations on the Gulf Coast. Prior to joining Buckhead Midstream, he spent a year with a crude marketing group in Houston. Mr. Bredthauer graduated from May’s Business School at Texas A&M with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.

Contracts and Commercial

Kristen White

Ms. White joined Buckhead Midstream in 2019. She currently handles contracts and operations for Buckhead Midstream’s crude oil trading desk. Prior to joining Buckhead Midstream, she spent five years with AOT Energy Americas with a where she handled terminal inventory management and pipeline scheduling. Ms. White graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College.